Summer Bouquet CSA Delivery

Type: Farm
Price: $160.00


How Does the GRuB Bouquet Share Work?

Support GRuB and receive farm fresh, sustainably grown flower bouquets each Tuesday for 8 weeks during summer*.  When you invest in a bouquet “share” you are helping provide low-income youth in our community quality education and leadership development opportunities on the GRuB farm, through the responsibility of tending, harvesting, and assembling a deliverable product. It is also as deeply nourishing for them to make them as it is for you to receive and cherish them. 

What Are the Details?

The cost is $160 for 8 weeks, and includes free delivery to locations in the downtown Olympia corridor, between Division St. on the Westside, and Fairview St. (near Ralph’s Thriftway) on the Eastside.

GRuB Farm pick-up is available for those outside our delivery area or who can’t receive them within in our delivery times, and is more flexible. Delivery is on Tuesdays between 1:30 - 4:00pm.

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