Wild Summer Berries

07/11/2019 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM PT


Tend, Gather & Grow


Delphi Farmers Market
7601 Delphi Rd SW
Olympia, WA 98512


Wander in the woods or your neighborhood back alleys and you will find that they are teeming with wild berries. Lucky for us, these delicious foods are also powerful medicine. Join Elise Krohn as she shares some of the rich cultural traditions and plant teachings surrounding summer berries including huckleberry, salmonberry, salal, thimbleberry, wild strawberry, and more. We will cover nutritional benefits and medicinal properties, including how berries can help balance chronic diseases and support immunity. And best of all, we will gather in the kitchen to taste berries and prepare berry tea and a wild berry shrub. Participants will bring home a handout with recipes and samples. All procedes support the development of Tend, Gather & Grow – a K-12 curriculum that connects youth with plants, local ecosystems, and cultural traditions. 

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